Saturday, May 23, 2015

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

On our last day with Constable Watson, the criminal justice group was able to experience a few things that most people don’t get to do. Thursday morning we went to New Scotland Yard to meet up with Constable Watson and Constable Cole. The Constables then took us on a walking tour around the New Scotland Yard area. The first place we stopped at was Downing Street. Few common people are allowed into the gates of Downing Street; so it was cool to be able say I have been inside the gates. The reason why people of the public aren’t allowed in the gates is because that is where some very important people of the United Kingdom live. We all took pictures in front of door number 10, which is the house of the Prime Minister.

The second thing we were able to do that very few people have done, especially people that are citizens of the United States, was being able to watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. Yes, people can stand outside of the gates and watch this happen; but we were able to actually go inside the gates of Buckingham Palace and stand on the sidewalk right in front and watching the Changing of the Guards. This was such an awesome experience! On our way out of the gates we had people taking pictures of us, as if we were famous, which they probably thought we were people of importance; but little do they know is that we are just normal people from the small town of Chadron. 
We weren't able to take photos while inside the gates, but we were able to capture a quick picture before we went in!

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