Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Windsor Castle

Our first stop we had after the airport was Windsor Castle. We took an audio tour of the castle and we learned a lot!!! We learned about the architecture of St. George Chapel and about the different rooms in the States Apartments.
St. George's Chapel was started by Edward IV in 1475 and took 50 years to construct. Within the chapel there are ten monarchs who are buried there. A few of the monarchs are: Edward IV, Henry VIII with his favorite wife Jane Seymour, George V and Queen Mary and George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. One of my favorite things I learned about was the memorial of Princess Charlotte, the only child of King George IV. Princess Charlotte is also one the the ten monarchs buried in the chapel. The picture that I have shown is the memorial. So onto the story of Princess Charlotte Memorial. Princess Charlotte passed away while giving birth to a still child. You can see on the second step layer in the memorial laying down under a cloth is Princess Charlotte and the four people kneeling around her are mourners. At the top you can see the Princess's soul lifting up and the two Angels welcoming her. The Angel on the left is also holding the Princess's Charlotte's still born baby.
Before we entered the States Apartments we were able to see Queen Mary's Doll House. The Doll House was a gift to Queen Mary from Princess Victoria, later known as Queen Victoria. The Doll house was incredible especially since it had working electricity and plumbing!!!! Now onto the States Apartments. We went through various rooms and we learned a lot!!! While in the State Apartments I loved all the paintings! Every room had multiple paintings of important people and of families.

Now I am off to meet Constable Watson and spend the day doing some touring with him! Have a great day and keep posted for more blogs!!!!!! KCLO (Keep Calm and London On)! 

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